Mushing Radio presents Anna Berington

Anna Berington

Join hosts Robert and Michele Forto as we welcome Iditarod musher, Anna Berington.

Anna Berington ran her first Iditarod in 2012 as a rookie. Running a team from Iditarod veteran, Dean Osmar in Kasilof, Alaska, Anna spoke about training, running dogs on the beach and working on the commercial fishing boats in the summer months to earn enough money in the off season so that she can “play” in the winter.

Growing up in Northern Wisconsin along the coast of Lake Superior Anna got her first taste of mushing at the age of 9 hooking up her border collie and Great Pyrenees.

Anna moved up to Alaska in 2007 and started running distance races starting in 2008 with her first race being the Klondike 300.

Anna plans on running the Iditarod in 2013 as says she still feels like a rookie until she does being that the 2013 Iditarod will run the southern route with a batch of different checkpoints and trails.

Visit Anna’s website: Seeing Double Dog

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Mushing Radio presents Anna Berington

Photo credit: Alaska Dispatch
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  1. Nice! Anna has the same name as me. My name is Anna Irving. Good luck in the Iditarod Anna. I am rooting for you!

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