Monthly Archives: June 2012

Mushing Radio presents Helen Hegener

Join host Robert Forto as he welcomes Helen Hegener to Mushing Radio On this show we speak to Helen about the history of mushing from about 1908 to the 1930s. Helen speaks about; the Serum Run, Leonard Seppala, Togo, Balto and the great reindeer plan to replace sled dogs. If you are a mushing history buff, this is a show ... Read More »

Mushing Radio presents Mitch Seavey

Join host Robert Forto as he welcomes Mitch Seavey to Mushing Radio. Mitch Seavey of Seward Alaska finished in very respectable 7th place in the 2012 Iditarod. A race ins which three generations of the Seavey name shared the trail; Mitch, Dallas and Dan. On the show Mitch imparts lots of his wisdom that he has learned from the years ... Read More »

Mushing Radio presents Ramey Smyth

Join host Robert Forto as he welcomes Ramey Smyth to Mushing Radio. Smyth, an Iditarod veteran comes from a family of mushers including his father, Bud and his brother Cim that competes in the race each year as well. Ramey has been mushing practically since the day he was born. His father, Bud competed in the first Iditarod and his ... Read More »

The Gypsy Musher presents Puppies!

Join host, 2012 Yukon Quest Champion Hugh Neff as he talks about his recent school tour of the East Coast and his adventures along the trails in some of America’s most beautiful country. Also on this show Hugh talks about his new puppies and the adventures that they are taking part in over the summer. Check out Hugh’s new website ... Read More »

Dog Works Radio presents An Act of Dog

Join hosts Robert and Michele Forto as they welcome Mark Barone and Marina Dervan, who have come up with a way to protect the lives of our beloved pets. They are painting 5500 portraits of shelter dogs over the next two years in order to raise awareness. Their project is called An Act of Dog. Why 5500 paintings? That (sadly) ... Read More »

Mushing Radio presents Albert Lewis

Join host Robert Forto as he welcomes the author, Albert Lewis to Mushing Radio. Lewis is working on an upcoming book, Born to Run: Athletes of the Iditarod. Born to Run will showcase the dogs of the Iditraod. Lewis spoke about his travels to the various Iditraod kennels during the spring of 2012 to photograph some of the most amazing ... Read More »