Mushing Radio presents Taylor Steele

Taylor Steele

Join host Robert Forto as he welcomes junior musher, Taylor Steele to Mushing Radio.

Steele is 15 years old and lives in Pennsylvania. In the coming weeks she will arrive in Alaska to fulfill a dream of running the Junior Iditarod and the Willow Junior 100 with the family that has been involved with the sport of mushing since the first days of the Iditarod, the Seavey’s.

Steele is not a stranger to dog mushing. She has been behind a sled since she was 8 1/2 years old running both sprint races and mid-distance. She fell in love with the sport after watching the Iditarod on T.V. and the movie Snow Dogs. She got her first dog sled the next Christmas and she was hooked!

Last summer Steele worked with the Seavey’s at their Idiaride tour facility and earned much respect from the elder mushing legends. Soon she was invited back to run their dogs this winter.

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