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The Sibe Vibe presents Carl Bromberg

This episode of The Sibe Vive will be our Father’s Day show featuring Little Miss Suri and her hu-dad, Husky rescue volunteer and photographer CARL D. BROMBERG of Visions Photography.  What a fun show this is going to be! We’ll be chatting about so many things, including Suri’s surprise birth and her starring role in the Animal Planet‘s Puppy Bowl X this past year! Mark your calendars! ... Read More »

The Sibe Vibe presents Husky Nanuk

Join host, Dorothy Wills-Raftery we will talking about Husky Nanuk who was burned in a house fire and chatting with Nanuk’s hu-mom Doris Peraza and Samira Mahjoub Tapia, the neighbor who saw the fire and rushed over to help the Peraza’s dogs on The Sibe Vibe. Visit Nanuk’s Facebook page Watch the video here   Listen now: New Pets Internet Radio with ... Read More »

The Sibe Vibe presents Jim Suthard

Join host, the Five Sibes Mom, Dortothy Wills-Raftery as she brings you The Sibe Vibe live from the Hudson Valley, NY. Our guest is Jim Suthard, hu-dad to Malachi Suthard a Siberian Husky who has special needs including epilepsy and has beaten so many odds, even the vets are astonished. Here is his Facebook page so you can become acquainted:   ... Read More »

The Sibe Vibe presents Susan Sehi-Smith

The Sibe Vibe is hosted by the Five Sibes Mom, Dorothy Wills-Raftery welcomes Susan Sehi-Smith of Paws to People: Bridges to Cures to talk about Paws to People: Bridges to Cures. Visit their website: Bridges to Cures Read the blog Listen now:   New Pets Podcasts with Dog Works Radio Show on BlogTalkRadio   Read More »

The Sibe Vibe presents Nicole Forto

Join  host Dorothy Wills-Raftery as she welcomes Junior Iditarod finisher, 16 year old Nicole Forto to The Sibe Vibe. On this episode we bring our listeners our annual Iditarod show. We speak to Nicole about her recent Junior finish, how she cares for her dogs on the trail, story about crossing open water in the freezing cold and her amazing ... Read More »

The Sibe Vibe presents The S.H.E.L.L. Fund

Join host, Dorothy Wills-Raftery as she welcomes, Kristen and Tiffany Manrodt of the Siberian Husky Emergency Life Line (S.H.E.L.L.) will be our guests on our January 18th show. S.H.E.L.L. is based out of Ohio, but helps Huskies in need from all across the country. S.H.E.L.L. Fund is a non-profit 501c3 tax-exempt organization setup to fund the rescuing of Siberian Huskies ... Read More »

The Sibe Vibe presents author Jodi Ekberg

Join host, Dorothy Wills-Raftery, as she brings you The Sibe Vibe. If it is about the Siberian Husky we chat about it here! Jodi Ekberg, author of children’s book, The Adventures of Cain and Frankie: The Husky Brothers – The Beginning. The book, accompanied by beautiful photos of The Husky Brothers, tells story of how two Husky puppies helped to give ... Read More »

The Sibe Vibe presents The Wally Foundation

Join host Dorothy Wills-Raftery as she welcomes Rick Selwood to The Sibe Vibe. Rick Selwood of The Wally Foundation (TWF) for Canine Epilepsy at and on Facebook. TWF is a non-profit organization, named after Selwood’s late Epi St. Bernard, Wally, that offers possible financial assistance to rescues, fosters, and parents of dogs with Idiopathic Epilepsy for medications and treatments. ... Read More »

The Sibe Vibe presents Cameo Anderson

Join host, Dorothy Wills-Raftery as she welcomes artist and illustrator, Cameo Anderson to The Sibe Vibe. Anderson is one of the best pet portrait artists I have ever seen. Her attention to detail is amazing and her paintings have helped raise money for many rescues. Check out Cameo Anderson’s Facebook page. Listen now: Online Pets Radio at Blog Talk Radio ... Read More »