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PAWsitive Radio presents the Alberta SPCA

Join Host Charmaine Hammond, best selling author, professionals speaker, Team Toby president and animal lover as she interviews Tim Battle from Alberta SPCA. A study released by the Alberta SPCA in November 2012 revealed that 59% of pet-owning women in emergency shelters delayed leaving the abusive environment out of concern for their pets. In 36% of the cases, animals were ... Read More »

The Sibe Vibe presents House Wolf K9 Dog Biscuits

Join host, Dorothy Wills-Raftery as she brings you The Sibe Vibe. It is about the Siberian Husky, dog training or more, we will chat about it here. On this episode we will be featuring the creative baking team and Siberian Husky Family of House Wolf K-9 Dog Biscuits, a part of the Edelweiss Bakery & Cafe in Vermont, USA. We ... Read More »

Pawsitive Radio presents Dr. Denooy

Is your pet chipped?  Our guest, Dr. Denooy received his veterinary degree in the Netherlands in 1976. After more than 12 years in mixed animal practice in north eastern Alberta, he owned and operated Stockyards Veterinary Services Ltd. in Edmonton since 1990. In September 1999 he joined EIDAP Inc. full time, bringing with him a wealth of experience in both veterinary and ... Read More »

PAWsitive Radio presents Dianne Burch

Dianne Burch is an author, speaker, storyteller and passionate animal advocate. For 20 years, she was active as a business owner, creative event planner and involved community service board member. In 2010, she made a life-altering decision to combine her professional skills and her passion for rescue animals. With the help of partner and co-author, Michael Fredrick, World of PawsAbilities ... Read More »

The Sibe Vibe presents filmmaker Daniel Anker

Join host, Dorothy Wills-Raftery as she welcomes filmmaker, Daniel Anker to The Sibe Vibe. Anker is the writer and director of the documentary film, Icebound which tells the story of the 1925 serum run where a dog sled relay brought life saving diphtheria anti-toxin to the people in a far-off, inaccessible land in Nome, Alaska. Here is the trailer to Icebound Icebound Trailer ... Read More »

Dog Talk Radio: The Siberian Husky

Join hosts Robert and Michele Forto as they bring you Dog Talk Radio. On this episode we speak to April Cox about the Siberian Husky. Is a Siberian Husky the right dog for you? Do you know that all Siberians don’t have blue eyes? Did you know that the Siberian Husky comes from Russia? Listen now: Listen to internet radio ... Read More »

Dog Works Radio presents W. Bruce Cameron

Join hosts Robert and Michele Forto as we welcome best selling author, W. Bruce Cameron to speak about his book, A Dog’s Purpose. A Dog’s Purpose is a novel about a dog that comes back time and time again to fulfill his/her job in this world in which we live. In our interview we speak about service dogs, how the ... Read More »

Episode 146: Susan Bulanda

Join hosts Robert and Michele Forto as we welcome author and world class dog trainer, Susan Bulanda as she talks about her new book, Faithful Friends and discusses dog training from the 1960s to today. Faithful Friends is a collection of firsthand accounts about the pets owned by Holocaust victims.  The accounts illustrate the depth of the human animal bond, ... Read More »