On January 31, 2018 Dog Works Radio network celebrated its ninth year anniversary of being on the air. Over the past four years we have seen some great things happen with our little Internet radio show. We have aired over 600 episodes, interviewed some great guests, covered a lot of great events and brought on board a new show, The Sibe Vibe and we brought back our annual Iditarod coverage on Mushing Radio.

In 2018 we hit a major milestone. We celebrated 2,000,000+ downloads! Thank you to all of our loyal fans and listeners.

2019 will be another great year, stay tuned for details!

Dog Works Radio is brought to you by Alaska Dog Works and is presented by Dog Works Media.

Our family of shows; Dog Works Radio, The Daily Dog, and The Team Ineka Podcast, Mushing Radio and The Sibe Vibe, bring our listeners into the wonderful world of working dogs. We share our stories, training advice and antedotes from years of working and living with our canine companions.

What our guests are saying about our shows: 

It’s almost time for your final Iditarod broadcast/podcast and I just wanted to thank you for being on the air each and every night throughout this year’s fabulous race. I eagerly await your broadcast each evening–it is hands down the best and most professionally produced Iditarod podcast out there. I’ve tried out others and always come back to “Mush You Huskies”.

Katrina K. Listener

“My experience as a guest on Robert’s radio show was 100% fun and informative. I highly recommend his show as being very professional, highest quality and helpful to his listening audience.”

Sue BulandaOwner, Bulanda Enterprises

“Robert runs a great radio show that is informative and timely. There is lots of great information on all dog topics that people want to hear about. I was a guest on his show, and he was professional and courteous. Thanks Robert!”

Amy HisaokaOwner, Mountain Dog Gear

“Robert is an engaging show host who immediately puts his guests at ease. His insightful questions and quick thinking always create an interesting show for listeners and guests alike.”

Martin HubbardCo-founder, blanket ID

“It was a pleasure working with Robert on his Dog Works Radio Show. He obviously cares a lot about the well being of dogs and knows how important training is…not only for the dogs, but for the owners as well. His continuous work in educating pet owners on how to be the best pet owner they can be is commendable. I’d be Robert’s guest on Dog Works Radio again in a heartbeat.”

Jillian MyersOwner/The Big Dawg, Healthy Paws

“Dr. Robert Forto was the first person to jump at the chance to interview me about my book “Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss” on his Dog Doctor Radio Show. His open-hearted enthusiasm is infectious, his follow-through on promised actions is impressive, and the support he gives colleagues’ endeavors is commendable. I am thrilled to have him as an associate into the future. He may have a book in the offing, and I hope to be able to lend my support (as an editor) to that project in the near future. Keep an eye on this guy. He’s a mover and shaker, to be sure!”

Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

Sid Korpi

“Robert has an incredible ability to work with dogs. His techniques in teaching people how to work with their pets is unsurpassed. In addition both he and his family are involved in the community. I would not hesitate to recommend him for anyone who is dealing with pet issues”

Ken PreussOwner, E Travel Unlimited,LLC

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