How to Be a Guest on Dog Works Radio

Dog Works Radio is a show about the wonderful world of dogs, with an emphasis on training, canine sports, and working dogs.

It is also about the people that are enthusiastic about canines and we love guests who can be authentic, speak their own minds, and are not over-coach or scripted.

We want guests who are at least a little bit open about talking about side topics. This is not a show where we go straight down a list of bullet points, it’s a real conversation, tangents are frequent. It’s organic, smart, special, and wonderful. Be brave!

You will find a calendar below, but please review these key points first…

Our listeners are primarily dog owners and canine sports enthusiasts.

Our audience includes a broad spectrum from pet owners, working dog trainers, canine sports athletes, pet industry consultants, and students. We typically feature stories we feel would interest them and help them better understand how to have a better relationship with their dog.

We occasionally go completely off the wall, so do not let this scare you if you have something interesting to say.

“You need to solve a problem for the audience or teach them something, instead of just promoting your book, service, etc. You have to make your pitch about the value you provide.” –Kelly Glover

Tell us what you are doing that is unique or different?

In your pitch, we need to hear about something interesting enough so that people take the time out of their busy schedules and listen to our show for 20-45 minutes.

This is especially important if you want to talk about your own company. This is not free advertising, it’s community engagement, and there needs to be blue in the content.

We love it when we get pitches for a panel discussion or odd topics too. Let the ideas fly!

It is a remote recording. We are willing to travel for interviews (trade shows, conferences, etc.) if travel costs are covered. We will go over the recording process once we receive your pitch.

Please do not let it stop you from reaching out to set up a potential interview at some point in the future when you might be releasing a book or have a new product that is coming out. We will put you on the list.

Want to send us something?

If you have written a book or want us to try out your products, our mailing address is….

Dog Works Training Company

c/o First Paw Media

PO Box 84

Willow, AK 99688

Are you trying to launch a business?

While we find it fascinating to see new businesses and podcasts grow, if you haven’t been in the industry very long we may run out of things to talk about fairly quickly, so your pitch needs to talk in-depth about your background and include stories you might want to tell on the show to offset your inexperience in their field.

Running a startup and have a great mentor? Maybe bring them on with you. More people will listen.

We always want to deliver value to our listeners, so you need to have done your homework and actually have something to say.

Business Development? We can do that.

There is no Pay-To-Play on this show. Guests do not get invited to participate if we do not think they are gong to have something interesting to say.

If your primary objective is to drive business development, a far more effective approach is to sponsor an episode about a topic related to your business and join us as a guest host for that episode. We will invite guests you want to do business with, turning cold inductions unto deep connections.

We also do live events, on-site activations at conferences and trade shows.

If you are interested in getting a podcast off the ground check out our First Paw Media page.

We want to talk to…working dog trainers, canine sports athletes, pet industry consultants, academics, historians, filmmakers, authors, the obsessed fanatics who have done their homework, and people whose lives have been affected by dogs in a major way.

What’s your role?

What’s your obsession?

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