About Robert Forto

Robert Forto is a tech entrepreneur, dog musher, life long learner, and co-founder of Dog Works Radio. He has helped numerous others launch their own podcast by coaching them to create a lasting brand around their message. 

My Work Story

My work story is pretty atypical. I went to college, I started running sled dogs, I had a bad gambling addiction and lost it all in the early days of the dot com boom. I came back attempting to take over the world. That path led me through some valuable experiences.

  • Started a dog training company with hardly any money. 
  • Bought a house in a gated neighborhood and hated it.
  • Looked at a cabin in the woods in the wilds of Alaska and left it up to our then-12 old daughter, Nicole, on whether we should move.
  • Moved to Alaska chase a crazy Iditarod dream.
  • Went back to college on a dare from my daughter in 2014. Finished a second Bachelors degree, a Masters, and now working on a doctorate. 
 All of that revolved around one thing: working with dogs. For more than 30 years I have literally lived with a pack of sled dogs and they have taught me everything I need to know about life, leadership and the hierarchy of needs. 

What People Are Saying

I recently had one of the most interesting interviews with podcaster and musher Robert Forto. Robert knows his field of dogs and has a deep understanding of leadership. His thoughtful questions about my involvement in the sport and my career with corporate leaders as a coach uncovered insight useful to listeners seeking to move ahead in their careers. I am now a committed listener to his podcasts!
Dr. Lucille Maddalena
Executive Coach
Robert is an incredibly thoughtful, thorough, sincere interviewer. He cares about his listeners and sharing knowledge with them. It was a pleasure to be on his show!
Dr. Renee Alsarraf
I am fortunate to witness Robert Forto’s independent creative commitment. His podcast skills continue to grow as well as his influence and community. Robert has a unique gift for breaking complex topics down in an informative and entertaining way. Robert also can treat others well, which seems to be a lost art form.
Jared Easley
Co-founder Podcast Movement
Robert truly motivated me to get the best from the work that I put in. Seeing his drive and passion for people and dogs is inspiring. His patience and counsel are still greatly appreciated.
Leah Morse
Professional Dog Trainer

Do you need an engaging speaker for your next meeting or event?

Founder Robert Forto speaks to large audiences and private teams in various environments, including corporations, organizations, and conferences. Robert is an experienced coach, so he knows how to speak to team members at every level of an organization in a truly meaningful way. Reaching Your Peak, concepts such as belonging and team building are at the heart of all of his talks, making him a powerful intersectionality speaker.

Robert isn’t just a cursory speaker or leadership development coach. He creates value for audiences by permanently challenging their thinking. He’s a natural on the stage, engaging the audience early and often through storytelling, powerful questions, and interesting facts.

Looking for a more affordable option?

Fireside Chats with Robert consist of a brief talk in which he introduces himself and the Reach Your Peak model and then engages in a question-and-answer session with an organization leader to discuss leadership and teambuilding issues. Fireside Chats are an affordable way to introduce your organization to Peak Experience concepts and hopefully spark conversations that lead to real change.

Dang man, you are really good at what you do.