Michele Forto is an entrepreneur of several related businesses all about dogs. She is a life long learner, and co-founder of Dog Works Radio. She provides insightful information to dog enthusiasts around the world.

My Work Story

My work story encompasses many different careers including one that lingers. Prior to graduating high school I held a job in my parent’s video rental store, you could say this is where I cut my teeth on entrepreneurship. However, a place that taught me valuable lessons on just how the world works was my first “real” job at McDonalds. Those lessons have stayed with me and have been applicable over the years.

My most accomplished job was becoming a mother raising two sons and one daughter. This job would test my resolve as a human being for which I am thankful as all three are effective members of society and taught me that patience and direction go father than unbridled praise.

Never in a million years did I imagine my life being turned upside down and taking a literal turn. 

My most rewarding job has been as a business partner in several dog-related businesses. 

When I met Robert, over an AOL chat asking for help to teach my Alaskan Malamute to pull my kids up a hill on their little sled (not a dog sled) would prove to be life changing. Not only did he exclaim that he could, he showed up from Minnesota (we were in Colorado) to show us how to do it. Explaining that he was a dog musher. A what?! “You know like Iron Will!”  I will never forget that line. Thinking to myself, this has got to be the best one-liner ever. Boy was I in for an adventure.

Fast forward 24 years later, the two of us successfully raised my three kids and have operated a dog training company that has taught dog owners how to have better relationships with their dogs across the United States, Canada, Argentina, and even New Zealand. 

Probably the most predictable job and proving my third grade teacher, Mrs. Hughes, right. Utilized my knack for talking too much in class. Podcasting started out as a way to offset the extremely high cost of advertising a small dog training company. It did not take long for the Podcast to take shape, provide authority in the niche and propel us to dog owners and enthusiasts around the world.

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