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Dog Works Radio was designed reach enthusiastic canine owners around the world and has found an audience precisely in this direction.

The majority of our listeners own at least one dog. The show gets average downloads of 40,000-50,000 per month. In total the show has been downloaded well over three million times. Dog Works Radio frequently ranks in the top pet and family podcasts worldwide, beating out hundreds of other shows from larger bands.

  • 96% of Dog Works Radio listeners responding  to audience surveys have at least one pet in the household.
  • 56% of Dog Works Radio listeners participate in dog training, dog sports or other activities with their dog.
  • 52% of Dog Works Radio listeners have purchased an item online in the last 30 days
  • 37% of Dog Works Radio listeners spend between $50 and $100 per month on pet products or supplies
  • Dog Works Radio has been heard in 111 countries around the world with the most downloads; 1. United States, 2. Canada, 3. United Kingdom, 4. Australia
  • Dog Works Radio’s top five markets in the United States; 1. Anchorage, AK, 2. San Francisco/Oakland, CA, 3. Seattle/Tacoma, WA, 4. Washington D.C., 5. Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN.
  • Dog Works Radio has published more than 430 episodes in the last three years (as of May 2020).


Our objective with the podcast since the very beginning has been to help people have better relationships with their dogs. We do this by providing relevant training advice, engaging interviews and coverage of dog sports events from around the country.

Partnerships and Sponsorships: 

There are a number of standard partnership options available, or we can create a custom solution.

  • Sponsored Content Feature–This is a mini-interview inside a longer Dog Works Radio episode where you are asked about your product or service, with your brand identified as the sponsor of that episode with a flat fee. The product or service must be sustainable, ethical, and highly relevant to our listeners.
  • Trade Show and Conference Activations–We travel with your to a conference or trade show and a member of your team joins us on a microphone as a guest co-host during the event. Your brand is indented as the main sponsor for the episodes recorded during the event. The fee for this is typically based on travel costs and time required.
  • Product or Service Giveaway–We offer listeners with the opportunity to win your product or service, which is described during the show, and offered in exchange for taking some action (typically filling out a survey). Fees vary based on how many episodes the promotion will be mentioned in, what is being given away, and usually a performance bonus.
  • Topical Mini-Seres–We produce a series of episodes focused around a topic related to your product or service, and your brand is identified as the sponsor.

Contact us to discuss a partnership:


We have the best and train the rest!

Show Description:

Dog Works Radio is a collection of podcasts about our most loyal companions. Each week we showcase authors, filmmakers, and influential people that work with dogs. We provide dog training tips and advice.  Two seasons each year we release a limited series that dives deep into a dog related story in history.


Robert Forto ( @robertforto Instagram / Facebook / Twitter ) is an outdoor leader, adventurist and dog trainer. Robert has been training dogs since 1994 and has literally lived with a pack of sled dogs for more than 15 years. Getting started in podcasting in 2009, Robert is seen as an expert in the field and often consults with new podcasters on how to best leverage their message to a broader audience.

When Robert is not training dogs or behind the microphone he can be found in the Alaskan backcountry leading expeditions with students from the University of Alaska Anchorage where he is a faculty member  in the Health, Physical Education and Recreation Department or busily studying for his doctorate in Strategic Leadership

He and his wife Michele operate Alaska Dog Works and Team Ineka, their sled dog kennel of 40 dogs located in Willow, Alaska

Michele Forto (@micheleforto: Instagram / Facebook / Twitter ) is the lead trainer for Alaska Dog Works and the co-host of the popular Dog Works Radio podcast. Michele works with clients all over North America with her Lead Dog Service Dog Program and provides training for service dogs in a variety of capacities. Michele also trains therapy dogs in her Dogs Assisting with Grace (DAWGs) program.

Each summer Robert and Michele travel the Lower-48 on what they call the Rock n Roller Coaster Tour where they attend music festivals and ride roller coasters. They also take the time to host a podcast called The Coaster Geeks.

Kourosh Partow ( @kouroshpartow Instagram / Facebook / Twitter )

Alex Stein (@alexmstein Instagram / Facebook / Twitter )

Taget Audience: 

Everybody loves dogs right? Our show is targeted to pet owners, canine enthusiasts and dog lovers everywhere.

The Details: 

Started in Denver, Colorado in January 2009. Recording from Willow, Alaska since 2010. Simulcast on KVRF in Palmer, Alaska since 2012.




The show can be listened to directly from the website, as well as subscribed and listened to on most podcast platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify,, iHeartRadio, Google Podcasts, Google Play, and TuneIn.

Schedule: Dog Works Radio releases at 8:00 AM (Alaska Time)

Social Media:

Combined Dog Works Radio has a following of approximately 75,000 on the following platforms.

Facebook: facebook/com/dogworksradio

Twitter: @dogworksradio


Cast & Crew:

Our hosts are Robert Forto and Michele Forto

Our roving reporters: Dorothy Wills-Raftery on The Sibe Vibe

Our recording engineer is Robert Forto

Dog Works Radio is edited by Robert Forto

Dog Works Radio credits and intro voice is by Chris Davies at ProVoice USA

Dog Works Radio graphic design is by Alana Schlang

Dog Works Radio is recorded at First Paw Media and/or Radio Free Palmer

What some people are saying on Apple Podcasts: 

Must have more mush! I’m really enjoying the coverage on mushing! There aren’t enough out there for us lonely mentor less mushers so it is nice to listen and soak up as much as we can via over the wire. Keep them coming!

Great Podcast for Dog Lovers. I’ve been a long time listener and about 250 episodes in. Robert does an amazing job with all of his interviews, always professional and full of great advice.

Great show! I love DogWorks Radio! Robert makes you feel like part of the family and it’s so easy to talk to him. He is a great host!

Dog-Gone Paw-some!

Very helpful for newcomers

Excellent insight into the Iditarod

Fantastic Iditarod coverage!


Dog Works Radio and/or is featured in numerous “best dog podcasts” lists as well as a number of articles about the podcasting medium. Robert Forto has been the guest on numerous podcasts as well. See our Press Page for links to that material.