Dog Works Radio’s family of shows are hosted by:

Robert Forto is the executive producer of Dog Works Radio and is behind the mic on all of the shows. Robert has been a musician since he was in high school and brings a unique (albeit sometimes too tech-y) aspect to the shows.

Michele Forto is the co-host of the Dog Works Radio Show and the business manager for the network. Michele contacts new guests and sets up interviews for all of our shows.

Hugh Neff hosts a weekly show called The Gypsy Musher. Neff is an accomplished musher racing in twenty-two 1,000 mile races in the last 9 years. The Gypsy Musher brings it’s listeners into the world of dog sledding and encourages people to reach to attain their dreams.

Sid Korpi hosts her quarterly pet writing contest, The Petlitzer Prize. Working in conjunction with Robert and Michele Forto, Korpi encourages aspiring writers to submit works that will be up for awards. The show is aired quarterly on Dog Works Radio.

Dorothy Wills-Raftery hosts her monthly show, The Sibe Vibe. Wills-Raftery is also the creator of the popular Five Sibes blog and an author, photo journalist and publisher.

Charmaine Hammond hosts a weekly show, Pawsitive Radio which is simulcast on Dog Works Radio. Hammond is an author and public speaker that speaks to corporate and individuals about team work and goal setting.

Alex Stein is a co-host of our annual Iditarod coverage on Mushing Radio. Stein is also the writer and director of Mush! The Movie, a documentary about the Iditarod.