Continental Kennel Club Founder, Mike Roy

Robert Forto

Robert Forto

@robertforto | Executive producer and co-host of Dog Works Radio

Join host Robert Forto as he welcomes the founder of the Continental Kennel Club, Mike Roy to talk about dog registration, purebred and mixed-breed dogs, and more. 


In this episode of Dog Works Radio, Robert Forto interviews Mike Roy, the president of the Continental Kennel Club. They discuss the founding of the club, its day-to-day operations, and its differences from the American Kennel Club. Mike shares his breed of choice, the Belgian Malinois, and talks about the recognition of unique breeds by the club. They also discuss the importance of proper puppy training and the registration of mixed breeds. The episode concludes with contact information for the Continental Kennel Club.


  • The Continental Kennel Club was founded in 1992 to help breeders with their registration needs.
  • The club focuses on providing friendly and courteous service to breeders and new puppy owners.
  • The club recognizes all the breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club, as well as a few unique breeds.
  • Proper puppy training is essential for a well-adjusted and sociable dog.


00:00: Introduction and Background
01:26: Founding of the Continental Kennel Club
03:19: Day-to-Day Operations of the Club
04:18: Mike’s Breed of Choice: Belgian Malinois
07:43: Differences in Mission and Philosophy
08:12: Database and Pedigree Management
10:07: Registration and Services Offered
13:57: Recognition of Unique Breeds
21:41: DNA Testing and Registration
25:37: Registration of Mixed Breeds
28:03: Importance of Proper Puppy Training
29:01:Contact Information
29:59: Conclusion

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Robert Forto

Robert Forto

@robertforto | Executive producer and co-host of Dog Works Radio

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