Dr. Doug Mader

Robert Forto

Robert Forto

@robertforto | Executive producer and co-host of Dog Works Radio

Join host Robert Forto, the training director of Alaska Dog Works as he welcomes Dr. Doug Mader to Dog Works Radio

Dr. Doug Mader is a triple board-certified veterinary specialist and has been a veterinarian for over three decades.

He is an internationally recognized speaker, has written three best-selling medical textbooks and numerous book chapters and scientific publications, and has had long-standing pet columns in the Long Beach Press-TelegramReptiles magazine, and the Key West Citizen.

Dr. Mader is the recipient of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Award, the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine Alumni Achievement Award, and the Fred L. Frye Lifetime Achievement Award for Veterinary Medicine, and is a seven-time winner of the North American Veterinary Community Speaker of the Year award and a four-time winner of the Western Veterinary Conference Educator of the Year award.

He is also a fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine in the UK. Dr. Mader practiced in California for many years but lives and works in the Florida Keys today. 

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Robert Forto

Robert Forto

@robertforto | Executive producer and co-host of Dog Works Radio

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