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Robert Forto

Robert Forto

@robertforto | Executive producer and co-host of Dog Works Radio

Charmaine - womanition photoPAWsitive Radio with Charmaine of Team Toby. Join Host Charmaine Hammond, professional speaker, bestselling author and president of Team Toby as she interviews Tom Arnold of

Tom Arnold left Microsoft and started in 2010 after a 1-month software project in India turned into 3-months. “I felt very disconnected from my pets,” Arnold says, “and I wanted an easy way to not only keep tabs on my cats, but also make it easy for my pet sitters, vet, and others to share their critical data.”  Nothing existed and so the idea for PetHub began.  The result is that PetHub is now the single most effective way to get an animal home again quickly and safely through a physical ID tag that links to a pet’s online profile, provides alerts and GPS data of when a pet is found, and allows the owner to send out electronic versions of a “Lost Pet Poster” to shelters and businesses near where the pet was last seen.

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Robert Forto

Robert Forto

@robertforto | Executive producer and co-host of Dog Works Radio

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