The Sibe Vibe welcomes Marion Mitchell

Robert Forto

Robert Forto

@robertforto | Executive producer and co-host of Dog Works Radio

Join host, Dorothy Wills-Raftery on The Sibe Vibe as we welcome Marion Mitchell of the non-profit Canine Epilepsy Resources (

On this episode we have an in-depth discussion with Mitchell about all things relating to canine epilepsy including: the types of seizures, the treatments–both holistic and medications, the importance of diet, quality of life for epi-dogs and some of the alternative treatments available for dogs with this disease.

For more information about Canine Epilepsy Awareness and the Gib Strong campaign you can visit 

Listen now:

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Robert Forto

Robert Forto

@robertforto | Executive producer and co-host of Dog Works Radio

6 thoughts on “The Sibe Vibe welcomes Marion Mitchell

  1. Help! I have a poodle/terrier mix who has about three seizures once a month, depending on if he gets overheated or nervous, and my husband, who makes the dog nervous, keeps telling me I ought to put him down. He does not appear to have lasting symptoms when he comes out of the seizures and e always runs right to his food or water bowl. What can I tell my husband besides “Bite me”?

    1. Hi, Dianne…so sorry to hear your dog is having seizures. I would highly recommend visiting your vet to discuss the possibility of putting your dog on medication to help control the seizures. With Gibson, I do have him on a combo of Phenobarbital and Potassium Bromide. I also try to keep his environment as stress-free as possible. When they come out of the seizures, they can be thirsty (as they get very heated during a seizure) and they can have low sugar levels. I gave Gibson a little all natural vanilla ice cream, followed by a little water and then a little food. They will need to have their sugar levels balanced after that so even a little cottage cheese, mozzerella cheese stick, etc. helps. Marion also uses Rescue Remedy and finds that it helps bring the dog out of a seizure quicker. I highly recommend going over to the Canine Epilepsy Resources website at and join the EPIL-K9 list – lots of us are on there with helpful tips and support. Our goal is for folks to know there are plenty of options for a dog with seizures to live a full, happy life. Please start with a visit to your vet. If you would like to talk me, feel free to contact me at my Email at FiveSibes(at)gmail(dot)com. And please, do join the EPIL-K9 list – Marion is also a member a great source of info.

  2. Dear Marion, I have an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Gem she is four years old, born boxing day 2009, Gem started with epilepsy when she was two years old, she goes about two weeks then has two or three seizures together. Gem starts with chomping and frothing at the mouth, then into a locked position where everything is ridged and mouth wide open, then she starts where all her limbs are paddling. Then just before the pacing up and down, the unconscious part with shallow fast breathing as started to take a long time to come round. I put cool packs on her, the last seizure she has was yesterday and it took 12 minutes for her to come out of the unconscious state. The question is should I use Rectal Diazepam when Gem is in this relaxed state. Gem takes 1 epephen 1 libromide and 1 pexion twice a day. Kind regards Marg Harrop.

  3. Hi, Marg. I will forward this message on to Marion. Might I suggest two things? 1) give your vet a call and run this by him/her since they know Gem’s history well. 2) have you joined the EPIL-K9 list? Marion, myself, and a large number of Epi-dog parents, vets, vet techs are on it and if you send out an Emsil, you will receive lots of info & support 24/7/365. To join, visit to request to join the EPIL-K9 Email list and tell them Dorothy of the FiveSibes sent you over.

  4. My 3 yr old Boston began having seizures over a year ago currently hes on 3 phenobarbs a day, 4 zonisimides and 6 kepra’s I want to find a speciliast in our area this huge amount of drugs cant be good for him please help.

    1. Hi, Kathy. May I suggest joining the Canine Epilepsy Resources Epil-K9 Email list? There is much support and information and contacts on there 24/7/365…you may join by visiting their website at and look for the sign-up for the Epil-K9 list. You can tell them FiveSibes sent you over. You can post an inquiry any time to the list and there is always someone on there to reply. You may be able to even connect to someone in your area who will have suggestions. Also, with him being on Pheno (my Gibson is also), have you looked into adding Milk Thistle, a natural liver cleansing supplement (you can find in a health food store/online) to his diet? There is a section all about it and dosage on the Canine Epilepsy Resources website. Good luck ~ and I think fining a specialist you can really work with and talk to will be a great benefit to your Epi-dog.

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