Mushing Radio presents Ramey Smyth

Robert Forto

Robert Forto

@robertforto | Executive producer and co-host of Dog Works Radio

Ramey Smyth

Join host Robert Forto as he welcomes Ramey Smyth to Mushing Radio.

Smyth, an Iditarod veteran comes from a family of mushers including his father, Bud and his brother Cim that competes in the race each year as well. Ramey has been mushing practically since the day he was born.

His father, Bud competed in the first Iditarod and his mother, the second. Ramey won the Junior Iditarod twice as a teenager and has been competing in the Iditarod since 1994 and has only missed the race once since.

In the show Ramey talks about the importance of dog care, optimum nutrition and the importance of understanding your dogs. With just a kennel of 30 dogs some of his team members run for many years in the Iditarod. This is one of the keys to Ramey’s success.

Photo credit: Alaska Dispatch

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Robert Forto

Robert Forto

@robertforto | Executive producer and co-host of Dog Works Radio

One thought on “Mushing Radio presents Ramey Smyth

  1. Ramey is my husband’s nephew, whom I have not seen since he was a young kid. We live in Arkansas and he lives in Alaska, but my husband keeps in contact through phone calls.
    I follow his race in the Iditarod race each year and he has always done an excellent job. He has a great and supportive wife with two cute kids whom I have seen only during the race but Ramey always talks about them during his interviews and is obviously very proud of them.
    He is a very smart and inovative young man. I appreciate the fact that he cares for and treats his dogs as part of his team and is good to them mentally as well as physically.
    We are very proud of him for who he is and what he does! Debbie

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