Mushing Radio: Tribute to Allie Marie

Robert Forto

Robert Forto

@robertforto | Executive producer and co-host of Dog Works Radio

mushing radio.001Join hosts Robert and Michele Forto and Alex Stein as they bring you Mushing Radio live from the KVRF studios in Palmer, Alaska.

On this episode we pay our respects to one of mushing’s biggest fans, Allie Marie (Alexis Peters), she passed away this past week.

We also pay tribute to Wendy McDonald, the wife of Iditarod musher, Wattie McDonald, whom also passed away this week.

In the second half of the show we talk about the upcoming races and commentary from Alex, the writer and director of MUSH! The Movie.

Listen now:


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Robert Forto

Robert Forto

@robertforto | Executive producer and co-host of Dog Works Radio

6 thoughts on “Mushing Radio: Tribute to Allie Marie

  1. Robert, Michele and Alex,

    Thanks so much for that heart felt tribute to Allie Marie…

    I will be listening from now on…


  2. Robert , Alex and Michelle…I just loved this broadcast of my dear freind Allie Marie! Our mushing group called “Iditapeeps” by Allie Marie managed to find Allue’s adopted husky, “Bonsai” in a florida husky shelter and re-adopted her to me Deb Mgonigle in Illinois on my horse breeding/training farm, Mohawk Farm! Bonsai, Allie Marie’s rescued husky now lives with us on our horse farm. I am still actively a member of our mushing group since renamed,”Mush On”. And have continued to send pizzas to many mushers in honor of Allie Marie! This year 2016 I believe we sent 6+ pizzas!

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