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The Gypsy Musher in Sweden

Join host, Hugh Neff as he calls in from Sweden as he prepares to run the Finmark race on March 9th. We also welcome Taisto Thorneus, and Mats Petersson to the show. Lots of great stories and good times. It is fascinating that even though we are separated by many miles and language, one thing always ties us together; The Dawgs!  Listen ... Read More »

The Sibe Vibe presents Team Ineka

Join host Dorothy Wills-Raftery as she welcomes Robert and Nicole Forto of Team Ineka to The Sibe Vibe radio show. On this episode we turn the table a bit and Dorothy interviews Robert on the show. The two talk about mushing and Team Ineka and introduce Robert’s 15 year old daughter, Nicole, a junior musher with the team. We talk ... Read More »

Dog Works Radio presents Georgia Jailhouse Dogs

Join host, Robert Forto as he welcomes Gordon Panter the founder of Georgia Jailhouse Dogs to Dog Works Radio. Panter, knows what its like to be on the inside looking out. As a former offender he had an idea when he was serving time; “How can I do something with my life to make a difference?” He acted on that ... Read More »

The Gypsy Musher heading to far off lands

Join hosts Hugh Neff and Robert Forto as the bring you The Gypsy Musher radio show live from the road. On this episode, Hugh hosts the show from the road in Chicago from Iditarod musher, Pat Moon‘s place as he prepares for his monumental trip to Norway to run races in Europe. Along for the trip are three of Hugh’s ... Read More »

Mushing Radio presents Susan Dent

Join host, Robert Forto as he welcomes veterinarian, Dr. Susan Dent to Mushing Radio. Dr. Dent, is a veterinarian and the owner of Wildwood Mobile Vet Clinic in Alaska and on this episode we speak to her about vaccinations. We discuss each illness/disease that is common in dogs and the importance of proper vaccination schedules and techniques. We talk about ... Read More »

The Gypsy Musher live on the trail

Join hosts Robert Forto and Hugh Neff as they bring you The Gypsy Musher live from the trails in Fairbanks, Alaska On this episode Hugh calls in from the sled on the trails of the Yukon Quest Sled Dog Race as he trains up his team for the race that is coming up in a couple weeks. Hugh talks about ... Read More »

Mushing Radio presents Jason Mackey

Join host Robert Forto as he welcomes Iditarod musher, Jason Mackey to Mushing Radio. If you know anything about mushing you have heard of the name Mackey. The family is as much to the sport as dogs and sleds. Starting with Dick and followed by his sons, Rick, Lance and Jason, the Mackey’s have been a force to be reckoned ... Read More »

Mushing Radio presents Lisa Strecker

Join host Robert Forto as he welcomes anthropologist and musher, Lisa Strecker to Mushing Radio. Strecker, a native of Germany and a PhD student in Anthropolgy at the Univeristy of Alaska-Fairbanks is also a musher and partipiates in a very cool race in Russia. Working in Kamchatka (Russia) for over ten years, there she became interested in local native sled dog ... Read More »

Mushing Radio presents Dr. Tim

Join host, Robert Forto as he welcomes Dr. Tim Hunt to Mushing Radio. Dr. Hunt is a veterinarian and a long time musher. He is also the owner of the famous Dr. Tim’s Pet Food and in particular, its Momentum brand that is for athletic sled dogs. On this episode we talk about the differences in dog foods, how to ... Read More »

Dog Works Radio presents Odog Adventures

Join host, Robert Forto as he welcomes Joel Belmer, of Odog Adventures to Dog Works Radio. Odog Adventures is a company that takes your dog on, well, adventures while you are away at work. May it be swimming, hiking, snow-shoeing, Joel will give your dog the exercise he needs when you don’t have the time. Odog Adventures is based in ... Read More »