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K9 Sports Connection presents Ron Davidson

On this episode of K9 Sports Konnection we talk to Ron Davidson. K9 Sports Konnection is a live version podcast that talks about all the joys and fun of having an active dog. ​K9SK interviews canine competitors and enthusiasts from all over the country. They have conducted interviews with World Champions dog sports competitors, famous trainers, authors and much much ... Read More »

PAWsitive Radio: Saving Sadie

PAWsitive Radio presented by Team Toby. Join Host Charmaine Hammond, professional speaker, bestselling author and president of Team Toby. Saving Sadie- On The show we’ll have two guests, Joal (Sadie’s pet parent) and Jessica (massage therapist for Sadie). Sadie’s story is one of second chances, unconditional love, the animal human bond and a community coming together to save a dog. Joal ... Read More »

Pawsitive Radio presents Dr. Denooy

Is your pet chipped?  Our guest, Dr. Denooy received his veterinary degree in the Netherlands in 1976. After more than 12 years in mixed animal practice in north eastern Alberta, he owned and operated Stockyards Veterinary Services Ltd. in Edmonton since 1990. In September 1999 he joined EIDAP Inc. full time, bringing with him a wealth of experience in both veterinary and ... Read More »

Pawsitive Radio presents Margot Ahlquist

Margot Ahlquist is the creator of Paws to Talk, which started as an advice blog and has grown into a life coaching business. Margot’s award-winning blog is written in the voices of her two standard poodles Bella and DiDi. Prior to her work on Paws to Talk, Margot worked for over 8 years as a writer, researcher and producer in the Television ... Read More »

The Sibe Vibe welcomes Marion Mitchell

Join host, Dorothy Wills-Raftery on The Sibe Vibe as we welcome Marion Mitchell of the non-profit Canine Epilepsy Resources (www.Canine-Epilepsy.com) On this episode we have an in-depth discussion with Mitchell about all things relating to canine epilepsy including: the types of seizures, the treatments–both holistic and medications, the importance of diet, quality of life for epi-dogs and some of the ... Read More »

Mushing Radio presents Five Sibes

On this episode of Mushing Radio, hosts Robert and Michele Forto speaks to Dorothy Wills-Raftery of FiveSibes fame. We talk about Dorothy’s new book, What’s Wrong With Gibson?, a look at canine epilepsy as well as what can be done to help out dogs with this disease. We also talk about social media and blogging, self publishing books, the crazy ... Read More »